Window Planter Box Plans

Feb 8th
Planter Box Plans Diy Design
Planter Box Plans Diy Design

Window planter box plans are going to be significant beneficial in having house to be well planned in its beauty and value enhancement for the better accentuation. Window planter boxes are not merely meant as planting containers, but also need to have significant value as decorative features in enhancing house beauty from outside, they have to be colorful, unique and attractive as well. Nowadays, cellular composite PVC as one of the most common material which is used for residential window planter box since it has the unique appearance which looks like authentic wood though actually it is not at all. If you plan to have this window planter box, then it is a great idea since it will be able to long last because will not attract moisture that can cause cracking or peeling which will end up to decaying just like what happens to any wooden box planters.

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Steps in Painting PVC Window Box Planter

First of all, you need to choose the right paint color and it is recommended to choose paint which has value in reflecting light such as acrylic latex. The darker paint color will need the higher formulation of value in reflecting light. In matter of painting, it is taken for granted that you will find it very easy and simple to paint cellular composite PVC planters since it has moisture. The window planter boxes need to be well cleaned fro any debris, oil, dirt or any other contaminants before starting to paint it. For the effective cleaning, you can soak cotton into clean water or rubbing alcohol. You can pour your creativity in painting the box planters, and you would not need to put a primer as a moisturizer first since PVC has its own moisture. After painting the PVC planters, you can allow it to dry by air but it may take a while to get dry since it will not absorb the paint.

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The painting process is going to be very simple and easy, it will also be fun to do as activity. Well, painting the planters in one of the essential window planter box plans which will be significant to accentuate and enhance your house beauty and value from outside. You can pour your full creativity in painting your planter box since it is also for your satisfaction.

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