Vinyl Carpet Protector on Stairs

Feb 12th
Vinyl Carpet Protector Lowes

Vinyl carpet protector – When upgrading the inside of your home, starting with the areas that are easily seen. Paint the walls; change the furniture around, updates accessories or replacing carpets. But do not forget about the transition areas, such as hallways, lobbies and staircases. Whether made of concrete or wood are, trying to preserve the life and beauty of the stairs in your house.

As the carpet, installation of a vinyl carpet protector on the stairs provides a high degree of versatility. Available in various colors and patterns, vinyl has the ability to match any decor. However, unlike the carpet, vinyl can withstand well the stains can be cleaned and, in most cases. A thick vinyl coating provides greater resistance than thinner sheet, but ultimately the homeowner decide which best suits your budget and needs.

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Its low maintenance makes it an excellent option for homeowners who can not invest much time or resources in the regular cleaning of equipment. One of the disadvantages associated with vinyl carpet protector is that it can become loose if they are not properly secured to the ladder. When installed on the stairs, adds a metal band along the edges. The metal should prevent the material comes away from the stairs.

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