Using the Trellis Panels Lattice

Mar 17th
Nice Trellis Panels
Nice Trellis Panels

Trellis panels – Venetian blind, consisting of wooden lathes arranged in a diagonal pattern on a frame, provide an attractive material for a simple lattice. Network spaces allow vines to climb and twine around them, while also providing enough space to tie the stems of the plant in place when necessary. Network or panels are constructed of wood or vinyl. Vinyl panels are resistant to inclement weather and more durable than wood. Most vinyl panels are constructed such that resemble wood both in color and texture.

Build 6 foot wooden stakes into the ground so that 1 foot of the stake is embedded in the ground. Space is at stake 4 feet away, or at a distance that is equal to the width of the lattice trellis panels.  Place the panel network against gambling, so that the panel edges overlap stake at each end. The top frame line of the truss with the upper edge of the stakes.

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Drill a whole boot through the network panel and in the game, the spacing of the holes 8 to 10 inches to the length of each game. Use a drill bit that is smaller than the size screws are using. Insert a screw into each hole; fix the trellis panels to the fire panel. Use screws of appropriate length for that do not completely pierce the stake and protrude from the other side.

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