Unusual Patio Trellis for Patio Looks A Bit Boring

Jan 28th
Wooden Patio Trellis
Wooden Patio Trellis

If your patio looks a bit boring, add depth to your patio landscaping by adding a patio trellis or two. Used to help creeper growth may look simple or elaborate trellises, and you can build one on almost anything from wood to an old gate. If your patio is a little too bright for your taste, make trellises to shade area. Use lattice fencing or other open fencing option to create a fence around all or part of your patio. For a unique look, vary your fence. Use two different colors of wood trellis, or alternatively wood lattice and extensive ironwork of same height.

Add a bit of history to your patio by reusing an old object, such as a window frame, window, or old iron fence or gate to an unusual patio trellis that reflects create your style. For a bold look, sanding and painting old elements in a bright color such as red, to contrast with deep greens of a creeper.

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If your patio is just a big open space, dots on your patio space with patio trellis planters. You can purchase large pots and place small fences in, or if you are handy, you can build your own planters with gates at back. Put four planters in a square-back to back to create a post-like effect, or make use of a number of planters with picket fences as a patio divider.

If your patio is located right next to your house, installing fencing panels on exterior of your home for your plants to climb. If you are climbing annuals that die each year, make or install a retractable fencing panel. Hitting removable folding gates away each winter or just folding models attached to ground.

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