Types of Textured Carpet

Feb 26th
Textured carpet styles
Textured carpet styles

Carpets are one of the most important decorative elements of our home, because not only can wear a room and give it a special touch but also serve to protect the soil, especially those that are made of wood or any other material that may weaken the transit. They can have many textures, which depend on the treatment you do with the threads with which different patterns or textured carpet of each form. It notes the main textures of the carpets: Smooth Boucle textured carpet: These are small thread rollers that are compact and aligned in the same height. They are very easy to clean because dirt remains on the surface and is not embedded inside. They are ideal for high traffic areas as it is not the mark of footsteps. You can also place them on the wall as the image.

Boucle structured: It has different loops at different heights, creating several reliefs and offers much greater than those of boucle smooth while retaining the same advantages aesthetic variety, so they are ideal if you want a more special and elaborate design. Hair cut: It is very soft to the touch and is easily recognized because it has a velvety appearance. It is a layer of cut hairs that are placed as if they were cut loops at the ends.

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The number of threads is highly variable so their quality and price are too. Those with more hair are the most resistant, making them also more expensive than others. Frieze textured carpet: They are like hair cut but go through a special process of fixation of the wires which makes it more durable and perfect for high traffic areas. Greatly diminished brand footsteps. Combined: There are many who is also a combination of textures like boucle and cut or different levels of the same hair texture.

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