Types of Composting Systems

Feb 16th
Composting Systems

There are different composting systems to provide good nutrients for the soil and proper growth of plants at the same time which are advantageous to apply. In choosing the right composting systems that you will do is something that you really have to consider. The composting can be done by compost pile, sheet composting, trench composting, worm composting, compost bins and systems of compost tumbler which are commercially available to be purchased.

Composting Systems Tips

First of all, you need to really know about the composting volume that you are planning to do. The different amount of composting volume is going to determine of which composting systems that will appropriate. Time is also as a factor that plays role in determining the right system to apply as well. If you have plenty of time to do composting, then you can just simply pile the compost materials in the ground and let it to be decomposed over time with or without any bin. If you want to make fast composting since you will use it instantly, then using faster method of composting is going to be required such as worm composting or system of compost tumbler. Bins are good to be used to create a mass volume of compost in a fast time but it will make you to do more intensive laboring. A cheap way to make a compost bin is by using a single bin which is made of wood pallets as its sides. Four corner stakes also can be put in the ground and use wire to wrap it sides up to make a cheap compost bin. You can apply the system of compost tumbler which is very fast and will not take wide space of room in composting but you will have to spend some money since it is commercially provided. Trench composting also can be used since you just need to dig a shallow trench and then you can fill it with compost material, and then you can directly bury it to let it decomposed naturally inside the ground.

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Well, you are already described about some composting systems and it is all up to you which one that you will apply to make your own compost as good nutrients for your plants and soil at the same time. By organic composting, you are helping the environment to be healthy while providing your plants and soil good nutrients as well.

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