Simple Green Bean Trellis

Mar 18th
Green Bean Trellis Wall
Green Bean Trellis Wall

Green bean trellis – There are many green bean varieties, they fall into two main categories: bush type or vine type, also known as pole beans. Even bush type green bean plants grow happily without any support, pole beans growing taller runners and need a trellis to climb. Regarding type of trellis, beans are not picky, making it possible to design a trellis that suits your budget and make most of your garden space.

A tripod is a simple green bean trellis to do, and requires few materials. All you need are three sturdy wooden sticks, bamboo sticks or metal bars. Bury an end of each rod in ground about 6 or 8 inches deep, then bring upper ends and secure them together with string, to form a teepee shape. Use more than three poles to make a longer, larger teepee shape, and your children can play into it, when beans are covered trellis.

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If you have a large, empty, sunny wall in your home, barn, shed or garage, consider a green bean trellis wall. You can buy a flat trellis and simply lean it against wall, but you may find that most of finished wall trellises are quite small. When you make your own, you can cover entire wall. One way is to attach a number of screws up, down, and around wall, then wrapping around screws to form a grid.

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