Plants for Fall Window Box Ideas

Feb 14th
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Fall window box ideas will make hobby of summer gardening become extended though actually the blooming season has already over and it is important to know what types of plants that can survive in cold weather. Having window boxes in your outdoor house is absolutely going to be significant in enhancing outdoor house beauty and value at the same time. It is something very fascinating to see such blooming flowers planted which appears to be growing on outdoor house wall. By having window boxes planted with flowers or other plants, it is a great gardening idea for people who do not have wide space of garden and also great as complement to the green environment.

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Plants Which Can Survive Fall Season

There are some plants that can survive in cold weather, they are actually summer plants but you can make them last though actually the summer has passed. In order to make the summer blooms become much longer for you to enjoy, replanting and fertilizing of the plants have to be well managed. Fall season has cold temperature which makes many plants lose their leaves and this is exactly what makes people hate about this fall season since plants without leaves are not beautiful at all. You can have the summer plants to be lasting for fall season with using fresh soil which will boost the required energy by plants to keep growing and maintain the blooms for several weeks longer that it should. Petunias do not only great to have as window box flowers in summer, but also can last longer to be surviving until fall season. There are some of these flowers species that reliable to survive fall season such as surfinias, supertunias and petunia integrifolia. Verbenas are also friendly to fall season which not only great to be in window boxes, but also as hanging baskets flowers. Beside of flowers, there are also other summer plants which can last until fall season such as cupheas, fuchsias, marigolds, phormiums, ivy, parsley, sage and thyme.

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If you want to make your summer become much longer until fall season, then you will need fall window boxes ideas which the main idea of these ideas is by planting summer plants to last longer than it should be with good management of soil and fertilizing. You will find that the blooming summer is still with you though with colder temperature and indeed this is going to be very fascinating.

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