Planter with Trellis in Pot

Mar 15th
Wood Planter with Trellis
Wood Planter with Trellis

Planter with trellis – A trellis potted plant uses space vertical growth and assists growth upwards, preventing the plants vines spilling over the edge of your containers. Consider building a tepee attractive and functional bamboo trellis to support climbing plants inside. It consists of identical poles bamboo trellis starts wide and meets in the center of the pot, and features horizontal lengths of rope or chain supporting tendrils of climbing plants. Secure the tepee trellis plant for bungee.

Planter with trellis, measure the height of the pot and write. Cut four pieces of bamboo to twice the height of the pot to form a tepee lattice match the size of the pot and prevents it from falling due to excess weight. Cut the canes down to the desired length using a sharp knife. Place the pot on a work table and fill it with potting soil up to 2 cm below its rim. Tamp the soil by hand to keep it steady. The weight of the earth supports the pot when you insert the reeds in it.

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Planter with trellis form four equidistant along the rim of the pot with chalk points. Insert a stick into the pot, directly against a chalk mark along the edge. Reed angle inward and push all the way to rest on the bottom of the pot and its tip falls on the center.

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