Parts of an Invisible Indoor Dog Fence

Feb 5th
Indoor Dog Fence DIY Design
Indoor Dog Fence DIY Design

You may have heard about people using an invisible indoor dog fence to keep their dogs within the backyard limits and may wonder how this works. To understand, you need to know which parts form an underground fence and how they work together to keep your dog in the yard.

The indoor dog fence with invisible boundary wire or wire is buried underground about 5 to 10 cm from the floor. It is connected to a transmitter, which works with the receiver collar to keep the dog within the limits you, the owner, has established. The wire is very thin and must be careful not to break it to bury it in the ground.
Training flags: The white training flags are placed around the backyard limit where the wire was buried. They act as a reminder to the dog that the area in which he is entering is off limits. However, the dog must be trained by the owner to know what these flags mean.

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Receptor: The receiver is a collar with a tube inside which rests against the skin of the dog. It works with a 9-volt battery. The transmitter sends a signal to the collar if the indoor dog fence gets close to the boundary wire. First, the collar beeps and if the dog continues to move toward the threshold, it will give a warning shock.

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