Paint an Old Wood Patio Chairs

Mar 13th
DIY Wood Patio Chairs
DIY Wood Patio Chairs

Wood patio chairs – Instead of throwing away a perfectly good, but ugly or old-looking, wooden chair, why not paint? With only a few coats of paint, an old wooden chair will have a whole new look. Painting is an easy and inexpensive way to convert a flea market to find the best piece in the room; and all work can be done in just a few days.

Paint an old wood patio chairs, Choose the type of paint you want for the chair. Choose latex or oil based paint. Latex paints are easy to clean with water and dry quickly but remain sticky paint for days thereafter until the final forms of hard shell.  Find a place to paint. If the exterior paint is not an option, find a place inside that is well ventilated, but can also be closed so you have no feet or tiny legs can walk through wet paint. Of sand chair with sandpaper. If there is old paint on the chair, be sure to sand most of the old paint.

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Tilt the chair backwards with legs in the air and back and seat forming an inverted V shape.  Apply the paint, again starting at the bottom of the chair. Carefully tilt the chair on all fours and paint the facade, from the top again. Starting at the top and working down makes it easier to remember to paint the entire surface and helps keep the wet paint drops to a minimum. Let dry night chair. After the chair is completely dry, which could take more than one night, lightly sand back to the chair? Waste dust and paint a second coat. Let dry overnight wood patio chairs again.

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Make sure the seat is dry before use. More layers of paint can be added to achieve the desired color and coverage level, but the arena before each new layer and allow enough time for the paint to dry between coats.

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