Paint a Rod Iron Gates

Mar 14th
Rod Iron Gates Double Entry
Rod Iron Gates Double Entry

A rod iron gates is used to create an entrance through a fence or driveway to the house, and provides an element of security for your property attractive. As on iron mold can grow due to its location on the outside, the door will require regular maintenance to maintain its attractive appearance. Rub the brush wire on the Iron Gate to remove rust and peeling paint. Perform this step carefully so that the bristles of wire penetrate into cracks in the Iron Gate.

Sand the surface of rod iron gates with a rough rasp and sandpaper to remove any oxide which protects the metal. Sanding continues to remove all oxidation and, if necessary, sanding the areas where iron is exposed. Soak a cloth with mineral and rub alcohol on the iron surface. Place a plastic tarp on the floor and on surfaces around the door to protect these areas from chemical splash and painting.

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Put on gloves and dip a cloth in the mixture of acid and rub it on the rod Iron Gates to neutralize any rust that is left on the door. Let acid solution sit on the surface for five minutes and then rub the iron gently with a brush to remove the remaining oxide.

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