Making Fire Pit Stones

Mar 18th
Fire Pit Stones Building
Fire Pit Stones Building

Fire pit stones – Cooking food over an open flame is an activity that goes back thousands of years. While it was the only choice of our ancestors, people today often do so as a way to meet friends and family. One option is to build a fire pit in your backyard barbecue. It is easier to install the fire pit while the yard is under construction, but you can build on an already completed well patio.

Fire pit stones, place the ring of fire in the courtyard where you are installing the fire pit and track outside with chalk. Remove the ring of fire after drawing the circle. Score 2 circles in the yard using a hammer and chisel to chip along the chalk line. Break the stone or cement patio with a mallet, hammer and chisel and remove debris to reach the ground under the patio.

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Place the stones to the fire pit stones around the perimeter of the hole. Score ground inside the circle edging driving a shovel in the ground next to the stones. Remove the stones and dig a trench 12 centimeters deep between the cut line and the edge of the terrace. Attach the ground at the bottom and tamp down.

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