Making Colonial Chair Cushions

Feb 19th
picture decoration for Chair Cushions
picture decoration for Chair Cushions

The Chair Cushions add a warm look to any kitchen or dining room, and make you sit at the table more enjoyable.


12 Picture Gallery: Making Colonial Chair Cushions

  1. Take a large piece of paper and place it on the seat of the chair. Draw Chair Cushions the outline of the seat in the paper.
  2. Draw a seam Chair Cushions allowance all around the newly developed seat.
  3. Choose a fabric that combines well with your decor in your room and go to the colonial subject.
  4. Fold the fabric with right sides together. Cut two pieces for your mattress, using the given Chair Cushions pattern and the width of the corresponding seam.
  5. Place the top of the pad on the layers of quilt batting and attaching the fabric in place with wire or thick wool. Tie each strand well.
  6. Place half-finished Chair Cushions to determine where they will be sewn into the pad if you want to tie the pad in place on the side rear of the chair if the chair is designed so that you can. Make each point on the top of the pad where the tie will go with washable chalk or pencil.
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