Making a Bar Table

Mar 5th
Trendy Bar Table
Trendy Bar Table

A bar table height, often known as pub table or bistro table is about 40 inches (1.02 m) tall and is a stylish addition to your home.


  1. Design your table according to the available space and the desired style. Choose a round or square table and decide how big you want it. The height of the bar table to make room for chairs or stools high.
  2. Measure and cut the tabletop, legs and supports. If the table is round, the length of the legs of the support structure should be equal to the radius of the bar table least about two to four inches (5 to 10 cm).
  3. The support structure consists of the four table legs at the corners of the table, with the legs of the support structure in the middle, forming a rectangle. Put each leg vertically in order to be fastened from the bottom of the tabletop to the floor. The legs of the support structure must rest well against the floor and adjusted horizontally along the bottom of the tabletop.
  4. Added and the bracket fixed to the table by placing a screw through the legs of the support structure at the bottom of the tabletop. Use screws short enough to not transfer through the top of the table.
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