Make Miniature Small Terrarium

Jan 25th
Unique Small Terrarium
Unique Small Terrarium

Small terrarium – Terrariums are miniature ecosystems contained in small enclosures. They can be made in different containers such as glass or plastic aquarium, or out of a plastic soda bottle of 2 liters. If you want to make your own terrarium, but want to make it smaller, with a plastic soda bottle 20 oz work with a little effort. Make miniature small terrarium; clean the inside of a plastic soda bottle 20 oz with soap and water. Turn the bottle upside down to allow it to drain and dry. If the bottle still has a label on it, remove and discard.

If the cap is not in the bottle at this point, replace it. Cut the upper third of the bottle using a knife or scissors.
Make Miniature small terrarium; Fill the bottom of the bottle using aquarium gravel. Do you want a 1-inch layer? Cover the gravel with 1 inch of potting soil. Floor of two fifty-eight seeds in potting soil. Press your finger into the soil to make a hole and then put the seed in it. Cover seeds with soil. If you prefer, you can omit the use of seeds and starter plants. When choosing seeds or plants, consider those who do well in the heat and humidity, such as herbs.

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Water your seeds according to the type of plant that is growing. Different plants require different amounts of water.
Press the bottom of the bottle and insert it into the top of the bottle. Push the top down about an inch to secure it in place. The bottom of the bottle will sit inside the top of the bottle and that fits. Set the aquarium near a window where natural sunlight is obtained.  Adjust the water level in the small terrarium as needed. If there is too much moisture, remove the cover for a few hours to allow some water to evaporate. If it is too dry, pour some additional water through the top of the bottle.

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