Loading Vinyl Picket Fence on a Slope

Mar 19th
Vinyl Picket Fence Image
Vinyl Picket Fence Image

Materials vinyl picket fence currently allows you to have a fence traditional in your park without the bother of having to paint it. While these materials are easy to maintain, a self need to follow the separation fence posts carefully during installation to avoid having a close angle.  Mark the location of the vinyl fence with a rope tied between two stakes into the ground. Measure and mark the location of each pole fence based on long sections of vinyl fence you choose for the project. If necessary, adjust the length of the fence row to avoid having to use a section of odd size.

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Dig holes for the vinyl picket fence posts below the frost line with an electric digger, using the line as your guide rope. Applied 5 to 7.5 cm stone ground at the base of each hole. Mixing fast curing cement according to package directions. Place the post into the hole on the stone. Make enough to claim pole in the whole cement. Place a carpenter’s level against the side of the post to make sure it is straight up and down or leveled. Finish filling the hole with cement. Cement compact ground level so that water flowing out of the post.

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