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Mar 9th
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It is taken for granted that everyone who has a pet surely love it and in case of the pet passes on, then pet memorial garden stone will the last appreciation which shows love. Since for pet lovers, pet can be cherishing, give the loving feeling when it is around and can be a true friend which always accompany its owner all day and night. So it is going to be sad if such friend passes on which will be very such an emotional lost and frustrating as well. If you are a pet lover and your pet has passed on, then surely you want to pay tribute to your beloved pet and pet memorial garden stone will be a great tribute which you place it in your house, yard or its cemetery. As last tribute to your passed pet, you can purchase such memorial stone or if you want to make it by yourself since you consider it will be more sincere, then you will need to follow these instructions of how to create it.

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Instructions in How to Make Pet Memorial Garden Stone

In creating pet memorial garden stone, you should firstly to make a plan write the finished design on blue print. The design may contain where to write the pet’s name, favorite toy and picture as well. Then you have to determine the materials which you will need, it should be the indoor memorial stone if picture and toy are included. In order to get the needed supplies in making memorial stone for your pet, you should visit crafts center and home center. By doing this, it also means that you already did stone mold stepping, setting cement, cement coloring to tint and all tools that you will need in completing your design. Make a mixture of water and cement with appropriate amount into the mold and during mixing it, you have to add sand for additional mixture and you can also have the cement coloring to tint if you desire. It will take more than 10 minutes until the mixture is ready to set depends on the cement type and humidity as well. You can also create the textured look by sprinkling sand on its surface or otherwise you can use a trowel to smooth the surface. A putty knife can be used to create any designs and swirls. Before the cement get hard, add your pet’s toy and picture and let it dry for few days. In putting your pet’s name, you can carve it using putty knife before the cement get dry but if you prefer it by painting, then you must wait till it get dry. As the finishing touch, you can cover the dried cement by using protective coating like polyurethane.

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So if you want to give last tribute to your passed beloved pet, then pet memorial garden stone will be wonderful. If you want to tribute outdoor memorial stone, the choosing granite will be the best option since it can be precut and polished as well. In putting the name, it can be simply etched or affixing a plaque will do great. This Memorial stone also great to become decorative item in your garden as well.

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