Jewelry Organizer and Accessories for Breeze

Jan 31st
The Jewelry Organizer
The Jewelry Organizer

Middle Organizers

Sometimes you do not want your jewelry or accessories hanging on a door for the world to see. In that case, consider using a hanging jewelry organizer. Simply hang these 35 inches by 18 inches on a closet rod organizer and everything is in sight. The organizer is comprised of 80 clear bags, with 40 or each side. You can see what is being stored in each pocket and never lose sight of what you have.

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Organizers small

Sometimes it’s the small accessories that escape your notice. If that is the case, the solution is small organizers for smaller jewelry organizer – such as rings or earrings – they can be hidden under larger pieces. An organizer appropriate for any collection is a ring or a pending case. This version stores 24 pairs of earrings or rings, depending on your need.

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Another option for a small container is glass jewelry f aux leather jewelry organizer box, which has 24 equally divided compartments and a transparent cover for easy viewing. Finally, when you are moving, use a small travel bag to hold your jewelry and accessories available. Use this bag double padded with six different zippered compartments to store your jewelry and accessories. Use the Velcro straps to keep rings and bracelets, and the extra large bag for glasses.

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