Identify the Plants with Garden Plant Markers

Mar 14th
Garden Plant Markers Image
Garden Plant Markers Image

Garden plant markers are significant in distinguishing different varieties of plants if they are planted in the same garden bed areas to make them able to be identified. There are many types of garden plants such as flowers, herbs and vegetables, if you want to make them separated well not only to make it nice in your plants appearance but also to make easier in identifying them, then you simply apply garden plant markers which are widely available at garden supply store, garden center or you can also simply make it by yourself in many kinds of material. By marking your plants in garden, it will be significant in adding decorative value into your garden which will make your garden look nice as a good garden.

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Garden Plant Markers Materials

There are plant markers available in different materials such as stainless steel markers, plastic marker, galvanized copper marker and zinc plant marker which you can choose according to your preference in distinguishing your garden plants variety. Stainless steel marker is good to have as planter marker since it is durable and resistant to rust, corrosion and harsh weather conditions. In matter of maintenance, you can simply use damp cloth to wipe it down from time to time. Plastic plant marker is usually used as alternative marker to stainless steel marker since it is relatively sturdy with a pointed stake to be upright support by driving it into the ground. There is also available of this plastic plant marker which has names of plants which you can purchase according to the plants in your garden. In matter of durability, this plastic plant marker will loose its durability along with the long time or will be easily broken when exposed under direct sun light since the price is cheap. Galvanized copper plant marker has the elegant look and usually has plants name on its copper plates. It is sturdy, durable and withstands any harsh conditions of weather. Zinc plant marker has etched surfaces which suit well for plant identification. It is durable and can be reused elsewhere, as additional attractive appearance to the marker, terracotta markers are going to be great to have. Actually there are still other garden plant markers in different materials such as wood plant marker, smooth stones plant marker or even custom made plant marker which is made of clay.

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The material option of garden plant marker is according to your personal preference and practicality in its uses. By having plant marker in your garden, you can easily get to know the kind of plants and also can be significant as decorative item in your garden to increase your garden beauty and value at the same time.

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