Ideas for Build Teak Patio Table

Mar 15th
Teak Patio Table Style
Teak Patio Table Style

Teak patio table – Assume and do-it finish the project of building a teak table yourself will result in a useful piece of furniture for home for your family. You can make a teak table easily obtained with some materials and a little guidance. The teak table will be one that will last for decades. This table will be made with teak cap is 2 ½ square feet and the table will remain 2 ½ feet tall.

Build teak patio table, Create a 2 ½ feet square 4s 2 above the ground by placing 4s 2 by 2 ½ feet long at the ends of each other. This is the framework that goes under the teak patio table. Set a 2 1/2-foot long 4-by-4 in each of the corners of the square standing by 4s 4-by-the end in every corner. Then use the drill and screwdriver bits for driving screws cover 4 inches across the sides of 2 inches thick of the square and on April 4 by. Set the table upright on his legs. Now place the slats 2 1/2 feet 2-by-6 teak laying flat on one side of the square to the other. Set 6s 2-for-squared frame using the drill and a screwdriver to screw covered little 3-inch screws through the sides of 2 inches thick of the blade in the frame of the table 2-by-4. The top of the table is completed.

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Arena softens the top of the table. Wrap the sandpaper around the sanding block and use it for sand on the table. Coat the entire teak patio table with wood stain to protect the table wear. Apply wood stain for the brush and then brush the stain on the teak patio table. Wait about 24 hours for the wood stain to dry.

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