How to Repair a Carpet Fringe

Feb 26th
Traditional carpet fringe
Traditional carpet fringe

Carpet fringe can break, knotting and easily entangle, requiring repairs. The valuable handmade carpets or with damaged fringes must be handled only by professionals well experienced in repairing carpet fringe. However, the strip sewn over a carpet machine can be set by the master of the house if you have some sewing skills. A new replacement strip and rapid seam will look like new carpet. Combining with the fringes damaged prefabricated strip. These fringes can be found in fabric stores and is sold by the foot or yard. Buy enough to replace the entire length of the strip and add 3 inches to the measurement.

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Choose a replacement with higher margin than the existing to completely cover the old strip. Repair damaged areas of the carpet fringe that is found along the strip sewing a blanket to prevent further fraying carpet. A sewn blanket wrap is a point that runs along the edge of the carpet. When sewing hard and with high strength thread, blanket stitch works well to prevent further damage.

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Place the new strip on top of the old strip and secure it with a pin in place. Let hang extra at each end of the carpet edge, fold it under the rug and secure it with a pin in place. It uses high-strength threads that matches the color band and sew the new hand in the Gaza Strip old, covering it completely and covering any exposed junction. Turn the rug and sew the ends of the strip on the back of the carpet. Close well to keep it in place.

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