How to Prevent Mice from Wooden Sheds Garages

Feb 21st
Wooden Sheds Garages Wide
Wooden Sheds Garages Wide

Wooden sheds garages – Mice specify shed or garage in search of food, safety and protection. If not repelled from your home in time, the mice can ruin your shed or garage. According to Utah State University Cooperative Extension, mice nibbling frequently and cause structural damage to buildings, including sheds and garages. Try a variety of techniques to successfully repel mice from your wooden sheds garages.


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Remove all weeds, trash and wood piles from around your wooden sheds garages. Mice are attracted to areas that function weeds, trash and wood piles, as each provides excellent cover from predators. Use a lawn mower or weed eater to remove all weeds from around your wooden sheds garages. Pick up all the trash and place it in a secure garbage bag. Burn wood or stacked in an open area, at least 1 foot from the ground, to repel mice. Close or seal any small holes or openings in your wooden sheds garages. Frequent or close the holes or openings with caulking, mortar or steel mesh wire. You can buy caulking, mortar or steel mesh wire on the iron trade.

Spray a store brands repellent, such as predator urine around your wooden sheds garages. Mice dislike and are afraid of the strong odor or musk prevalent in predator urine. Read and follow all label directions before applying predator urine around your shed or garage. Reapply the repellent around your building or garage regularly and after every rainy day to ensure lasting success. You can buy predator urine in the garden or hardware stores. Plant mint, poinsettia, castor bean plant, or daffodils around your wooden sheds garages to repel mice.  Visit your local garden store or nursery to locate mint, poinsettia, ricin and daffodil plants.

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