How to Paint a Metal Table Legs Again

Feb 9th
metal table legs contemporary
metal table legs contemporary

Metal table legs – The tables of metal, especially those used in gardens and outdoor patios, may rust and deteriorate rapidly from exposure to different elements. Should be reviewed periodically in case of discoloration and corrosion, then clean and repaint if necessary. Follow these steps to remove rust from a metal table legs old and re-paint it to make it look like new.


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  1. Remove the top glass and other non-metallic accessories attached to the table.
  2. Clean all dust, dirt and grease from the table, paying special attention to the nooks and crannies. Check for bubbles or other irregularities, as these are indicators of corrosion beneath the surface.
  3. Use lime, sand and wire brush to scrape off loose paint and corrosion. Extracts bubbles and irregularities and sand all corroded areas. Ends with fine grit sandpaper.
  4. Clean the sanded areas with a damp cloth to leave the bare metal. Let it dry.
  5. Sand lightly over the old to promote adhesion of the new paint painting. Clean all loose paint and sand particles.
  6. Turn the metal table legs on a disposable cloth and sprayed a layer of color on all the lower areas. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions spray painted more than one layer. Let it dry.
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