How to Make Room Dividers with Shelves

Feb 1st
New Room Dividers
New Room Dividers

Room dividers are an ideal way to segment a big room, or divided into two different sections solution. Strippers often come in forms of folding hinged panels, allowing you to place them in different shapes and configurations.


12 Picture Gallery: How to Make Room Dividers with Shelves

  1. Position three pieces of wood of equal height and width. Reuse old shutters to give personality to room dividers or uses three sheets of plywood or other thin wood.
  2. Place the three pieces of wood on a flat surface like a desk. Use a ruler to make sure the bottom edges have been similarly aligned.
  3. Place two hinges in place. Use decorative hinged door cabinets or strong depending on the look you prefer.
  4. Use a carpenter’s pencil to mark the screw locations for the hinges.
  5. Using the drill, make screw holes in the wood at each of the marked locations.
  6. Measure the width of the central panel separator. Cut three pieces of wood to form the shelves needed, based on that measure or buy pre-made shelves of the appropriate size.
  7. Mark the points for mounting brackets shelves in the center of the separator panel.
  8. Lift the room dividers and placed wooden shelves in place on the brackets to complete the structure.
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