How to Make a Rustic Fireplace Screens

Feb 19th
Fireplace Screens Image
Fireplace Screens Image

What can you do with your rustic fireplace screens when you’re not sitting in front of her cooking marshmallows or warming your back? Create a rustic fireplace screen to match the style and decor and make your fireplace precious center table in the room even in midsummer.


12 Picture Gallery: How to Make a Rustic Fireplace Screens

Using welding screen

  1. Measure the height and width. The screen should be a little taller and wider than the opening of the fireplace screens itself; how much bigger is a matter of preference.
  2. Solder the frame with thin steel bars to create a rectangular shape that fits your measurements.
  3. Use the same type of iron bars or other metal rod bent to create smaller shapes and curves, then improvised manner over the frame and each other until you complete the frame.
  4. Place a piece of curved iron on the framework for a more finished look.
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Using tree branches

  1. Creates a frame with semi-straight branches of trees. Use birch or sycamore for its white bark and sweet aroma, if you have available.
  2. Create cross branches with smaller pieces. You can install horizontally or diagonally from one end to another frame.
  3. Vines intertwined around the cross and frame to fill the inner space of the fireplace screens.

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