How to Maintain Teak Furniture

Feb 9th
How To Maintain Outdoor Teak Furniture

Although teak is a type of wood which very oily and able to resist warping and rot as well as contraction and expansion due to harsh conditions of weather, it is still important to know in how to maintain teak furniture so that it will be well maintained in its cleanliness and beauty as well without any stains. Teak furniture is very well know for its unique designs and class since the furniture are made of best wood as material and very expensive in its price, so it is going to be such a waste if your teak furniture is not well maintained. If you want your furniture to be clean and aesthetic in appearance, then you will find these instructions about how to maintain teak furniture great to do in order to keep the furniture last for many years to come.

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Instructions in Maintaining Teak Furniture and Tips

Due to the elements exposure, teak furniture will have look so silver grayish, you have to make decision whether you are going to make it happen or will you keep its original color. If you want to make your furniture look silver grayish, then you just need to have the natural oils which the teak produces to be wiped off and in several months you will find your teak furniture become gray. Sanding the teak furniture will be able to remove its old cells which can make it become gray, in order to prevent it to happen you can use sand and fine sandpaper with the wood grain, but before you apply the oil, you have to wipe the dust away. If you want to have your teak furniture original brown color stay and enhanced, then you have to properly clean it and oil it at least for every three months, this is also needed to keep the furniture durable.

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Regular cleaning and oiling of your teak furniture will be able to restore its original color if it is already badly weathered with severe stains. You should remove the stains first of all and in order to encourage the process of graying, you can begin with wiping the natural oils away again and again until it is completely done. In order to prevent any unwanted things to happen which will damage your teak furniture, you are highly recommended to make a test on the cleaner before applying it on the furniture so that your teak furniture will be safe. It is recommended to store your teak furniture inside if the weather is wet since it will definitely damage it.

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