How to Clean White Plastic Patio Set Furniture

Jan 24th
New Plastic Patio Set
New Plastic Patio Set

Plastic patio set – This is especially true with white plastic patio chairs. The plastic patio chairs are made of a resin. You can clean your white chairs courtyard and maintain its attractive appearance over the next few years.

How to clean white plastic patio set furniture, Rinse thoroughly chairs with a garden hose. This will remove loose dirt and debris from the chair. Do not rub the chair while doing this. Rinse to avoid adding new spots. Pour one gallon of warm water in a bucket. Add 3 teaspoons automatic dish washing detergent for hot water and detergent mix until dissolved. Apply a generous amount of detergent solution / water to the plastic patio set chair with a stiff brush. Rub the mixture vigorously on the chair with special attention to areas with dark spots. Allow the mixture to adjust the chair for another 10 minutes and then re coat with hard brush, scrubbing stains and applying the mixture.

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Rinse the chair plastic patio set completely with the garden hose. Dry the chair with towels. Place the chair in the sun until it is completely dry. Apply paste wax automotive shop chairs with white cloths. Do not use standard rags with colored dyes. This dye may bleed into the chair resin. Apply a thin layer of wax and allow the wax to dry. After the wax to dry, take the wax with a clean white cloth separate tent. This will help protect the finish to get land on dirt and stains.

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