How to Build Garage Exhaust Fans Wall Mount

Feb 9th
The Garage Exhaust Fans Wall Mount
The Garage Exhaust Fans Wall Mount

Garage exhaust fans wall mount – Hanging lofts create storage for lightweight sporting goods, outdoor decorations and seasonal clothing. They should never be used to store heavy objects. They must leave sufficient clearance for vehicles and for anyone using the garage as a workshop. Hanging ceiling platforms must be strong but light, avoid failure of the straps, chains and screws support them and avoid the collapse of the garage itself.

Cut four equal-length pieces of perforated steel hanger strap 2 inches longer than two times the width of garage exhaust fans wall mount joists plus their thickness. For example, if your ceiling joists are 2 inches by 4 inches, cut a 12-inch piece of webbing. Cut the webbing between holes, not through them. Band each strap in an open-bottom “Square D shackle,” with two 5-inch arms down and a 2-inch span between them. Place each strap over a joist, so 5-inch arms extend 1 inch below the cross bar, with the last few holes matched. Push the four straps so that the pairs four feet from the front of the ceiling at the rear, and 8 feet apart from side to side, unless the garage is too small to accommodate this size ceiling.

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Calculate the maximum load you expect your garage exhaust fans wall mount to keep. Factor in possible snow and ice loads, the existing carrying capacity of your garage roof. Consult a building inspector or structural engineer to determine if the existing roof can support the maximum possible snow or ice load in your region, the existing structural load and the expected additional load of the ceiling and its contents. If not, the ceiling must be supported by posts, rather than hung.

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