How to Build a Wooden Terrarium Table

Jan 26th
Terrarium Table Picture
Terrarium Table Picture

Terrarium table – A terrarium is a small glass greenhouse, designed to provide constant humidity and temperature houseplants. Wooden frames on the size and shape make correct the base and a hinged roof of a terrarium DIY with an old world look and feel. Use yours to grow a collection of kitchen herbs or grow plants and delicate flowers out of season.

Remove the glass and supports frames. Sanding wood. Brackets can be discarded or saved for another project. One screw 8 by 10 and a frame-by-14 11 together so as to have one end and one side of the base terrarium table. Repeat with the other frames 8 by 10 and 11-by-14. You will have two L-shaped sections now. Lay two of Tables 5-for-7 from end to end. Place a plate darning 2 inches on each side of the place where the two meet and screw.  Place the body of the terrarium on its side and align the long side of the frame with a long side of the body.

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Draw the triangular opening at the ends of the cover with a pencil and a piece of cardboard. Fill the joints and screw holes in the terrarium with joint compound and sand to smooth after dry. Remove all dust sand. Paint terrarium table frame as desired. Apply hot glue on the inside corners of a frame. Insert the glass panel and hot glue around the edges to hold it in place. Repeat for all frames. The terrarium is finished. Put it on houseplants or potted herbs.

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