How to Build a Steamer Ttrunk

Feb 8th
steamer trunk value
steamer trunk value

A steamer trunk or chest can make a fine completion to design and stye of room with storage function. How to build one? Browse to learn each detail. It provides excellent storage option for long or short term, whether you build one as well or for an individual special. A well-built chest will last for generations and these steps steer you to create a single trunk or chest that can be easily customized. Read on to learn how to build one.


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  1. Lima put glaze or paint the wood before attaching the steamer trunk. Use a primer and interior latex paint if you choose to paint the trunk instead of putting enamel.
  2. Start by creating a base for the steamer trunk with four pieces of wood 2 by 2 to create a rectangular frame. Use wood screws to connect the pieces.
  3. Determines the height of your chest and measure the side and front pieces. Then cut or trim the pieces to the proper height.
  4. Mark a line along the width of the inside of the side and front parts using a straight edge on the top of a design.
  5. Glue the bottom to the perimeters of the guidelines. Use clamps to carry the edges in the chest to the bottom even though the glue dries.
  6. Measure and cut a lid for the steamer trunk.
  7. Make ornaments, like a small padlock on exterior, handles or wheels on the bottom of the four corners.
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