How to Build a Raspberry Trellis

Mar 18th
Top Raspberry Trellis
Top Raspberry Trellis

Raspberry trellis – A trellis will help keep your raspberries watered properly, will help with the application of pesticides, light penetration, and the plant and the fruit off the ground and away from other potential problems will remain. Building a trellis does not have to be intimidating, and can be done with very little time and money.

Build a raspberry trellis, with a tape measure, measure a row 20 feet long. Mark the two points where each end is placed. Using a hammer and nails or an electric drill with 2/3 inch screws, attach the 42 positions at the top of each post end or foot from the top of each post. When you cross the charge depends on how high you want your foot trellis wire.

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Raspberry trellis, with the electric drill and a 3/8 cm wood drill bit, drill two holes in the 42 post. Each hole should measure about an inch from each end. After you have finished drilling in every position, you should have a total of four holes. Measure two 24 pieces of wire. Run a strand of wire through a hole, and run the other end through the hole in the other end.  This will keep the cable in place and strong. Repeat this process for the opposite side of the pole.

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