How to Build a Raised Garden Bed

Mar 10th
How To Build A Raised Garden Bed With Bench
How To Build A Raised Garden Bed With Bench

How to build a raised garden bed can be an easy and fun garden works to do since it will need you to pour creativity in achieving it. Raised garden beds is an easy and fast way to start new garden planting and if your garden is small sized, then you will get many advantages such as it will make the contaminated garden soil to be renewed which will allow you to plant it again. In building a raised garden bed you will have to follow these valuable instructions to get the finest result.

Instructions in Building a Raised Garden Bed

First of all, you have to determine which location of garden that you want o raise and it is recommended to choose the garden bed which is easy and will not take many times in its raising procedure. After determining which garden location to be raised, then lay the fabric of weed barrier down in the location. You can secure it to the ground by using fabric pins since it will be significant in limiting your first year weeding. It is recommended to use woven fabric and do not use black plastic to make sure the drainage is proper. Then you have to cut the 8 foot piece of lumber into a half and use two more 8 foot lumber pieces for an 8 by 4 foot garden bed.  You can purchase the ready to use garden bed ends which has sticking post to ground to be galvanized by angle brackets. Use the brackets if you use the plastic lumber. Then you place the assembly over the pre pinned fabric. The garden bed frame has to be anchored into the ground simply by placing the garden stakes around the outside. As finishing touch, you can add soil, compost, peat moss and then simply you can directly plant your garden.

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In how to build a raised garden bed, you will not need to excavate the soil since all you have to do is just place the fabric of weed barrier and frame over existing weeds or grass. This gardening idea can also be virtually placed in every flat surface or even on paved location. You will have to add fertilizer in the first year of its building to make it well to be planted.

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