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Mar 8th
Slow Release Fertilizer Grass

Slow release fertilizer is a kind of fertilizer which releases the needed nutrients in sufficient amount by plants to the soil over a time period gradually. This is a great method in providing sufficient amount of nutrients that are needed by plants in order to grow up properly. The fertilizer that used can either be synthetic or organic and it depends on your wish. The difference between these slow fertilizers is that the synthetic fertilizer release is triggered by temperature and moisture level of the soil. On the other hand, organic fertilizer release activation depends on microorganism activity in the soil.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Slow Release Fertilizer

There are many advantages of this slow release fertilizer method that gardeners can get such as there will be no need for often fertilizer appliance manually which means that it is the simple and time saving way in providing sufficient amount of fertilizer for the proper growth of the plants in garden. This fertilizing method will be significant in well nourishing plants in garden since it will last for months. What becomes matter of this slow fertilizing method is that the price is more expensive than the fast fertilizing method but in matter of advantageous aspect, you will find it worth it since the convenience it offers and great for the plants your garden. You can prevent plants’ root burn and rapid soil depletion with this fertilizing method since the plants and soil only receive the proper amount of the needed nutrients and it is going to be a complete different story if you use the fast fertilizing method since it will damage your plants and soil as well. Well, beside of advantages that you can get with this slow fertilizing method, there are also disadvantages it brings such as it totally depends on the moisture level and soil temperature in its activation. These two aspects will present problems to gardeners such as the inconstant amount of the released fertilizer and this fertilizing method will not effective for plants in cool soil.

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If you are gardening in warm soil temperature and want to provide sufficient amount of nutrients that are needed by plants and soil with efficient and save time, then slow release fertilizer will be a great choice to make. In order to create a good quality of garden condition, you need to determine what fertilizer that your garden really needs since it will significantly influence the harvest.

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