Gardening Idea of Rectangular Planter

Mar 7th
Best Rectangular Planter
Best Rectangular Planter

Rectangular planter is the most common shape of traditional outdoor planters which can be made of particular material to well blend with the landscape style. By applying outdoor planter, you can plant flowers or any other plants in your patio or front porch simply if you do not have wide space of garden soil in your property. This is a great gardening idea for people who have limited space of garden and indeed will be great for people who love to do gardening in simple way or as a hobby. In applying rectangular planter, you will need some preparations before using it. If the planter is made of wood or brass, you will need to apply liner as the material protection. There are varieties of material of the outdoor planter which you can choose to meet your preference and needs.

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In protecting wood or brass planter, you can use plastic sheet or you can also place a plastic container in the planter. For drainage holes, you should make sure that the holes will allow any excess water to flow out of the planter. You can put a tray to be the container of the drained water underneath the planter. You have to make sure that the drainage is good by adding small rocks or sand layer on the container bottom before you start to plant the planter. The plants which can be planted in the planter depend on the planter size but small plants which grow only about one foot tall are usually the best since if the plants are too long, the planter can not hold it since there is no sufficient room to support the root growth. Rectangular planter is great to be planted with herbs such as dill, rosemary, parsley and oregano. This planter is great to be placed in outdoor house spaces such as garden, porch or patio which will become a great gardening idea for gardeners who do have wide space of garden bed.

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If you have carpentry skill, then you can make your own rectangular planter. This is a great way to recycle any used materials and to pour your creativity at the same time. If you do have wide space of garden but want to do gardening as a hobby, then by having this planter will be a great way in gardening.

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