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Mar 9th
Container Gardening Inspirations

Container gardening is a great gardening idea which suit to be apply by gardeners who do not have wide space of garden or poor quality of soil. By applying container as plant growing media, it has many advantages since it will be easier to control, simpler in watering task and convenient in maintenance as well. There are wide available of containers for gardening in shapes, designs, materials and sizes at garden center or garden supply store which you can choose according your preference and needs. In shapes, there are options of rectangular planter, round planter and square planter. In designs, there are window boxes, hanging baskets and planter boxes. In materials, there are options of metal container, wooden container, plastic container, fiberglass container, stainless steel container, copper container and many others. In sizes, you can simply choose in three options according to your need whether small, medium or large. It is taken for granted that by applying container to grow your plants, it will give you many advantages which eventually lead you to the successful gardening.

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There are few tips which will be very helpful before starting the container garden in order to make sure that the plants will grow healthy. Although almost all of containers can be used for gardening, it is recommended to use containers which have sufficient drainage to get rid of any excess of water to be drained away from the plants’ root since if there is too much water, it will make the plants get rotten and eventually die. In providing sufficient nutrients which are good for the plants proper growth, it is recommended to use the organic fertilizer which is made of organic kitchen or garden scraps which are already decomposed by applying compost bin. The location of where the container is placed is significantly essential since if the plants get exposed with too much of sun light, it will make the plants burnt and if the plants do not receive the sufficient amount of sun light exposure, it will make the plants can not grow properly. So it is important to well consider about where the container is placed since the plants have to be sufficiently exposed by sun light. In choosing the plants which will be planted, it depends on what kind of climate in your living area, the container size and the height of the container placement.

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There are widely available of container gardening in options which you can choose according to your personal taste and need. It is taken for granted that applying container for planting plants is a great gardening idea to make a good garden.

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