Ethanol Alcohol Fireplace a Revolutionary Concept

Jan 29th
Picture alcohol fireplace
Picture alcohol fireplace

Ethanol alcohol fireplace are a revolutionary concept that nature does not require fuel products or circulation to the emission of toxic gases to the outside; liquid state due to ethanol does not need a constant supply rush or because it is retained by the burner internal compartments, thanks to these features allows easy installation, mobility and relocation, in the same way the design possibilities are vast.
All fireplaces are made up of a structure and one or more ethanol burners that are the backbone of the fireplace. A fundamental part of the fireplace, storage function and in turn allows combustion bedroom safe burning ethanol, made of stainless steel high density provides longevity through years of use, alcohol fireplace providing the necessary security without risks.
Is the research and selection of materials for the proper functioning, alcohol fireplace allowing an improvement in performance and functionality. The use of modern compounds for combustion stability and quality control allow a solid construction of this vital element for the fireplace.
alcohol fireplace

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