Effective Barbed Wire Fence

Mar 15th
What is Barbed Wire Fence

Installation barbed wire fence is a safe protection. Effective networks of concertinas to razor blades are the first and best answer because the alarms do not prevent intrusions. razor blade to razor have replaced traditional barbed wire to form an indispensable defensive barrier, with many advantages: it is Very economical, Modular depending on the desired level of safety, Quick Installation, No maintenance required, so no further cost.

  • Barbed wire fence: Use barbed is no longer prohibited for equestrian establishments in France since 2008, but it may die of eyes, skin tear or cut the tendons and cause serious infections.
  • The wire reinforced for cattle: thick and / or twisted, it is not visible and has a too high resistance for horses, implying that if the horses are made ​​in it can cut their tendons.
  • Barbed wire fence garden: is not electrified, the horse may rely on it to go munch the grass next … until he gave completely and collapses.
  • The fence sheep: Often too low, it also presents risk that the horse takes tripped.
  • The spring door systems: Highly recommended because the horse can jam the tail in the spring when stretched.
  • The stakes type metal “rebar” pose a significant risk of impalement.
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