Cut and Loop Carpet Ideas

Feb 17th
Top Cut and Loop Carpet
Top Cut and Loop Carpet

If you accidentally leave the base rotary cutter in the car on a hot day or absently running a hot iron over it, you will be left with a useless, deformed cutting mat. But before disposing of their deformed considered fix mat. In many cases, you can save all the carpet, and you can always retrieve parts for small projects. You can use one of several approaches to solving a cut and loop carpet mat twisted, provided they include heat and pressure.

Enter your base warped outdoor court on a warm sunny day. The belt should rest on a flat surface and receive direct sunlight. Set a piece of thick glass in the deformed carpet. Make sure the glass covers the entire cut and loop carpet. Although the glass with a brick (or other heavy object). Place the brick on top of the worst area of ​​the fold; this will add more pressure and encourage the table to flatten.

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You can also try using an iron to attach a curved cut and loop carpet mat. Pad cover with two layers of towels, and set the iron to low heat. Run plate on the mat, applying pressure to the area in more deformed. If your cutting mat refuses to straighten, cut and loop carpet the deformed area with a heavy scissors and save the flat piece for cutting small projects.

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