Custom Area Rugs Ideas

Mar 1st

Custom area rugs on top of hardwood, cork, ceramic tiles or even carpeting can be a dynamic part of your home decor. While they come in styles from Persian to abstract, they can also be combined, mixed and matched, cut into unusual shapes and otherwise to fit in your room. A carpet of fresh new colors, cut in a dynamic form can provide a low-budget makeover.

The standard used for custom area rugs is to provide a soft, colorful surface of the floor in a large room, but they can add more than that. Having the mat is cut with an edge that curves to match a larger wall or furniture. This creates a custom look of grace and elegance. Rooms with unusual dimensions, such as rooms with bay windows or slanted or staggered walls, to benefit from this treatment.

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Test the effect by cutting a sheet of butcher paper in the shape you want and see how it works in the space you have chosen. Experiment with ovals, zigzag and freestyle forms. Try a clown smile form in a plush fabric to attract a group to sit by a fireplace.

Custom area rugs can be used to define a conversation area in a large room. Have a carpet cut to fit an area under a sofa and several chairs with attached lamps and coffee table, or a kitchen table and chairs. Use a pattern with colors that reflect the furniture. A contrasting border is particularly effective. This defines the area as a space where guests are welcome to sit and chat.

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