Connecting a Hook to an Aluminum Decking

Mar 12th
Options for aluminum decking
Options for aluminum decking

An aluminum decking cover allows you to enjoy this feature outdoors in all types of weather, providing protection against the bright sun and torrential rain. Adding decorations such as hanging baskets of flowers enliven the space and provide life and color. To install a hook to these hanging decorations, you’ll need one with screw holes for fixing.

Instructions for connecting a hook to an aluminum decking. Hold the hook to cover the area of ​​aluminum patio where you plan to install. Draw pencil marks through the screw holes on the aluminum and to mark their locations.

12 Picture Gallery: Connecting a Hook to an Aluminum Decking

Two drill holes through your aluminum decking cover, which extend through the metal in each of the pencil marks. Make the hole wide enough to toggle bolts using a 1/8 inch drill bit 3/8-inch. Line hook with holes. Hold lever bolt 1/8 together and insert it into the hole until you hear it fits open on the other side of the aluminum patio cover. Repeat installation bolt lever through each of the screw holes to hold the hook in place. Now you can try to connecting a hook to an aluminum decking.

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