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Feb 9th
Compost Aerator Build

Compost aerator is a device which provides sufficient of air inside compost bin which is required in composting process to prevent the slimy and smelly compost result. Composting is a great system in providing good nutrients which are useful for the plants proper growth and soil quality at the same time. It is very beneficial in composting since you can save more money in providing fertilizer which can be expensive and you can make the plants become healthier and fresher in its fruits since they are free from harmful pesticides. So if you want to make compost from your garden and kitchen wastes which are organic, then you will need to use compost bucket as the container. In making compost, you have to well measure the size of bucket and the amount of waste has to be in balance since it does really matter in order to get the fine result in composting process. Providing sufficient air in the compost bin is significant in order to make it not smelly and slimy which can be a disaster to your nose when you smell it.

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The Importance of Providing Sufficient Air in Composting Process

It is recommended to provide sufficient air in the compost bin so that the aerobic bacteria can breath and live to make the composting system become quicker and will not make it smelly and slimy. What makes the smelly and slimy compost is the existence of anaerobic bacteria since such microorganism squeezes out air. In order to provide sufficient air in your compost bin, you can simply add some harder materials into the compost bin such as small twigs and flower stems to be layered among soft compost material such as grass. The harder compost materials trap air which is sufficient to make the aerobic bacteria to breath and live which eventually will make the compost not become smelly and slimy. The aerobic bacteria are microorganisms which create energy to make the composting process become faster than the anaerobic bacteria. It is recommended not to add too much harder compost materials since too much of air in the compost bin will make the composting become slower and dry, so you should provide balance in composting process.

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If you finding it hard to provide sufficient amount of air in the compost bin, then you can simply purchase compost aerator which is available in garden center. This device does great in providing air which is required in composting process and it is taken for granted that you will find it useful to make the composting process faster without any smelly and slimy compost.

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