Carpet Cleaning and Shag Carpet

Jan 31st
White shag carpet
White shag carpet

Whether your shag carpet rug is a great size that covers most of your floor or a small rug in front of your bed or sofa, shag carpet adds depth and interest to a room. While maintaining the long fibers of a shag carpet requires more effort than a regular carpet, the effort will be repaid with a luxury carpet continues to add warmth and style to your home for many years. Take your teddy outdoor carpet and give a good shake to remove dust and loose debris. Hold one end of the carpet and give the signing of several tremors, then hold the other end of the carpet and repeat.

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Shag carpeting room size, at least once every week. Brush with your vacuum at the highest level for fibers. You can also use the vacuum hose and upholstery tool. Sweep largest plush carpet several times a week with a stiff broom or a commission created specifically for shag carpeting. A quick scan will prevent the long fibers become puree, and also prevent dirt is embedded deep in the carpet.

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Clean up spills immediately, in accordance with the instructions that come with your carpet. Wipe up spills as soon as possible with a soft cloth. Treating stains with a few drops of mild detergent or liquid detergent mixed with water, or as directed by the manufacturer of your carpet. Alternatively, use bleach that fades not agree with the instructions on the package. Test any cleaning solution on an inconspicuous area to make sure the solution is not to affect the colors of your shag carpet area.

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