Buy a Reclaimed Wood Table

Feb 15th
Cheap reclaimed wood table
Cheap reclaimed wood table

Buy a reclaimed wood table strong, sturdy table and stand the test of time is an art that requires knowledge refined through years of experience is obtained. When buying a table from a manufacturer of proven professional and furniture, you’ll have a memory of family.

  1. Ask the manufacturer of the reclaimed wood table if you know ‘the story behind the wood’. For example, the wood comes from the virgin forests of your country? Does some other forest brought from another country? Or comes from an old house or old barn?
  2. Does the board is nailed or screwed firmly to the base? This must be connected to the base by fasteners to allow for flexibility of the timber.
  3. We live in a “world that mass produced and lacking in originality” and often due to the inability of the editors of reclaimed wood table, a duplicating machine is used to produce mass legs compromising the look of handmade piece and making the table seem typical shop ordinary furniture.
  4. Asked if the legs and the base from the same structure. If it’s tapered legs, see if they have worked the side cut of the leg to look like the sides uncut old beams.
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