Build Arbor Swing with Trellis Top

Mar 11th
Original Arbor Swing
Original Arbor Swing

Arbor swing – Build upright assembly for arbor swing, Cut four 2-by-4 support posts 87 cm long piece. Cut two 2-by-4 connector pieces 15 cm long each. Place two 87-inch messages in parallel. Put 15 inch connector on the posts aligns the upper edge of the connector with the top of the posts. Make it flush with the outer edge of the messages. Drill holes through the two ends of the connectors and messages. Galvanizing and install bolts. Highlight the face of each footboard 16 ½ inches in from each end.

Arbor swing, Place a foot board flush with the bottom of the upright alignment of the uprights with the markings on the foot plate. The connector is inside the top of the uprights and the footboard on the bottom edge. Drill two holes through each post and foot board. Galvanizing and secure with carriage bolts. Install two brackets on each upright assembly with the angled cuts flush with the bottom of the foot board assembly and the inner edge of the uprights.

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Top Connectors for arbor swing, Cut two 87-inch long connectors from 2-by-6 inch boards. Cut an angle of 45 degrees at each end of the boards. Place the connectors on the front of the building with the top edges flush. Attached to the upright assembly with bolts. Countersink the screws. Repeat for the back of the assembly.Turn the assembly upright. Using a ladder to reach the top, center the third 87-inch connector between the two upper connectors.

Tighten screws with the deck. Cut blocks of 2-by-4 boards to fit between turning the connectors and to prevent warping. Attach the blocks using wood screws.

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