Avoid Backaches with Garden Seed Row Planter

Mar 7th
Garden Seed Row Planter Review

If you want to avoid pains and aches on your back when you are crouching to plant seed in your garden by your own hand, then garden seed row planter will be great help for you in order to make your seed planting easier, simpler and faster to be done. It is taken for granted that it will make your garden works become exciting and indeed will make efficient in time and will give the result as fine as with using your own hand. This garden seed row planter is a type of gardening tool which is very friendly to environment available widely in hardware stores with low price, but you can also make it by yourself since it will not be hard to make one.

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How to Make Garden Seed Row Planter by Yourself

In making your home made garden seed row planter, here are some of things that you will need such as soda bottle or small funnel, small hacksaw, epoxy or duct tape and half inch till one inch of PVC pipe with three feet length. In order to be able to make a good quality of such garden tool by your own, you need to follow the proper instructions. First of all, you have to choose a pie which has length same with your height or at least three or four feet length, you can use the hacksaw to cut the pipe off and make it as tall as your height comfortably. Then you have to cut one of the pipe point at least at 45 angle degree, this is meant to make the seed planter able to dig the ground. After that you have to place the funnel’s small end into the pipe’s opposite end in order to be able to form the receptacle where the seeds will be directly dropped, or you can also use the hacksaw to cut the soda bottle into a half and place its end into the pipe. As finishing touch, you use duct tape to secure the funnel to the planter, it is recommended to use permanent seal and epoxy for finest security. Well, the point which is used for digging the ground may be dangerous but with proper use you will be able to avoid any unwanted thing to happen.

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So if you are tired of with your back aches when you are planting seeds in your garden and want to end such pain, then you better to have the garden seed row planter since it will not only keep you away from such pain but also will be bale to make your garden works in this case planting seeds become easier, simpler and indeed faster than planting it by your hand. Making such gardening tool is not hard if you follow the mentioned instructions above.

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