Ask a Baby Changing Table

Mar 1st
baby changing tables, tables
baby changing tables, tables

Considering the number of diapers you use a baby during the first year of life, it is ideal to have a special place to perform this task. A baby changing table can be made ​​easily, using a table, shelf or dresser resistant.


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  1. Searching a baby changing table, dresser or shelf that is firm and smooth surface, no chips, according to the magazine Consumer Reports, you must have a height of 36-43 inches (91-109 cm) or waist. A thick and less convenient height is more stable than a high and narrow. If you want to use a higher comfortable, secure it to the wall with fasteners to make it safer. Also, check that you have room as shelves or drawers to put diapers, wipes and ointments; and an additional shelf for baskets with supplies.
  2. Clean the entire surface of the dresser, table or shelf with a damp cloth.
  3. Place the pad rounded tips above the surface, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Generally, these pads include two safety straps that can be adjusted to the table surface to prevent slipping. The pad can be easily removed when no longer need to change baby’s diaper.
  4. It supplies the baby changing table with diapers, ointments or creams and wipes.
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