12 Picture Inspiration Glass Terrarium Containers

Feb 2nd
Amazing Large Glass Terrarium Containers
Amazing Large Glass Terrarium Containers

Glass terrarium containers – Maybe you ever seen a small plant in a jar and you seemed nice, but do not know what a terrarium and how to make a terrarium yourself to have beautiful plants that require little care in your home. A terrarium is a small garden it is cultivated in a container. They are great to have in the home. The conditions generated in this miniature greenhouse plants do not require too much maintenance. Choose the container you like, adding beauty and nature of the rooms in your home.

Choose some plants that have similar characteristics glass terrarium containers and make sure that they grow well together. You can use almost any kind that does not require many more are used cuidados. Los ferns, moss, succulent and cactus. Siempre be wise to choose plants that will not outgrow the terrarium container. Also be better those who prefer the shade and tolerate high temperatures and humidity levels. With respect to the container, it can be plastic or glass terrarium containers. Most importantly, it is deep enough to hold the roots.

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Earth light and very draining. Better if you include peat or moss. To check the drain, put a little dirt on your hands, wet it slightly and clenches his fist. If the soil is heavy, it will remain together when you open your hand. If it is light, it will crumble. Mix with vermiculite in a ratio of 3: 1. Stones or gravel:  placed in the bottom, cooperate with drainage. For this, its size should not exceed 0.5 cm. At the top, they will give a nice finish to the terrarium. Activated charcoal:  will be responsible for maintaining the fresh soil. You’ll need it unless your container has a hole in the bottom to drain the water. You can buy it at garden stores or glass terrarium containers. Moss:  placed in the bottom of the terrarium, it will work like a sponge to absorb excess water.

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